Digital Scanning Guidelines

Cascade Dafo has developed a digital manufacturing process to complement our traditional manufacturing methods. Rather than shipping a cast to us, practitioners also have the option to scan and send us digital files.

Accepted scan types:

Plaster Positive

Cast the foot, fill the cast with plaster, and scan the plaster positive.

  • Pro: This method provides the best possible image.
  • Con: Additional time commitment to fill and strip the cast.

Actual Patient

“Free form” or place the foot on a transparent stand.

  • Pro: Excellent image capture is possible, if: (1) the patient can sit still—typically, adults or those with high compliance; and (2) the foot is in fairly good alignment and doesn’t require much manual correction.
  • Con: You can’t use your hands to make the biomechanical corrections during scanning. For the orthosis to achieve the best position of function, the scan needs to capture the correct positioning.


Accepted file formats:




Practical Tips

Casting for plaster positives

  • During the casting process, ensure a snug fit at the met heads (feather or cut the footplates if necessary).
  • Capture the surface anatomy as clearly as possible.

Processing your scan before sending the file

  • Do not digitally modify/smooth the image. Instead, provide us with detailed instructions on your order form.
  • Cut out any interference or unnecessary data.
  • Retain your original shape until we can review the file and enter your order into our production system.


How to send us your files

  1. Have the following information ready: (1) digital scans; (2) completed order form; and (3) videos and/or photos if applicable.
  2. Go to
  3. If you haven’t previously sent us digital scans, you’ll need to create a Cascade Scans account.  Click “Create a Cascade Scans Account” and complete your account set-up by entering your information.  Or, if you already have a Cascade Scans account, simply log-in with your email address and password.
  4. Fill in the fields as needed with the patient information and digital files.
  5. Click “Upload” when finished.
  6. If everything uploads correctly, a confirmation message will appear on your web browser. You will also receive a confirmation email.
  7. Once we receive your files, we will review everything and make sure there are no errors. When we’ve okay’d the order, you will receive an email with this confirmation and an estimated ship date.

Your files will be digitally stored for any needed future reference.

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