Socks & Shoes

All of our products are meant to be worn with socks and shoes. Here are some tips for choosing and using them.


We sell Knit-Rite SmartKnit® AFO socks in 5 sizes from Infant to Adult Regular.

For comfort, look for socks that:

  • fit smoothly against the skin (no bunching or folding)
  • wick perspiration away from skin
  • are seamless
  • resist wrinkling
  • have a separated big toe (to use with braces that have a toe abduction strap)

For DAFO brace styles that go above the ankle, consider a sports sock that is high enough to fold back down over the leg part of the brace. Soccer socks often work well and come in lots of colors!

Choosing shoes

To support the braces, look for shoes that:

  • support the heel
  • tie or strap snugly over the instep
  • have room in the toe box (width and depth)
  • have a padded insole glued or placed in the bottom that can be removed after purchase to increase the available volume
  • have a consistent fit. Once you find a brand you like, go to that specific brand again for dependable fit
  • Sometimes, a wider width of your child’s size will do the trick
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