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Fast Fit products, both our shoe inserts and JumpStart braces, are an important part of our System of Bracing. In many cases, these pre-fabricated inserts and braces provide the best possible patient outcomes and are the preferred solution. Practitioners and parents find these products excellent for first time users; the thin, flexible plastic encouraging movement within good alignment.

The Fast Fit Advantage

  • Stability in standing and walking. For early intervention, Fast Fit products provide a continuous progression from minimal to moderate levels of support.
  • Very effective with small, pudgy feet. For children with small feet that are difficult to cast accurately, these thin, flexible braces are ideal.
  • Easy to measure. Measure the size you need with a plastic foot sizing jig, our printable jig (on the web), or utilize our casting footplates.
  • Medical plans cover them. Above-ankle Fast Fit products are covered by most medical plans.
  • No casting needed. For a speedy solution without the complication of casting, Fast Fit products are the answer.
  • A cost-effective alternative. For mild to moderate stability problems in children with fully correctable feet, Fast Fit products can be a cost-effective alternative to custom bracing.

Fast Fit Results

  • Balanced foot alignment during weight bearing.
  • Increased stability/skills in standing and walking.
  • Increased voluntary control through improved plantar surface sensory input.

JumpStart Braces (a growing part of the Fast Fit family of products)

JumpStart braces use a precision-molded double shell (one nested inside the other) that provides both wrap-around control and extra heel stabilization. JumpStart products work well for patients with pronation, supination, inconsistent ankle modulation, and hyperextension.

  • flexible and lightweight
  • comfortable inner liner
  • stable foundation (in blue and pink)
  • slim enough to easily fit into most patients’ normal shoes
  • standard 3.5º dorsiflexion angle
  • on SMO and higher, straps are standard and attached; toe rise and instep pad by request when you order, at no extra charge
  • posterior flare enhances comfort

JumpStart products are available in .25-in. (.64 cm) size increments from 4.00 in. (10.2 cm) to 9.00 in. (22.9 cm), and in two widths.

Today we’ve expanded the choices for pediatric patients to include the new JumpStart line, which has quickly become the star of our Fast Fit family.


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